PUCC Mission Statement

PUCC seeks to foster mutual understanding and cooperation between the U.S. and China, starting at the grassroots level.

I. EDUCATE Princeton students on U.S.-China and Chinese domestic policy through a multi-industrial lens that extends beyond academia.

II. ENGAGE in innovative ways with Chinese students and leaders in various industries from China.

III. ESTABLISH a transnational coalition of student leaders poised to face the issues at the forefront of US-China relations.  



. 教育并传播中美之间与中国国内的政策,使普林斯顿的学生能在多方面,多领域与跨学术的角度有更深层次的理解。


. 建立并完善中美跨国联盟,召集世界各地的学生领袖,时刻准备面对并应付中美关系最前沿的挑战。