The PUCC Global Governance Forum

Uniting the most promising student leaders across the world on Princeton's campus, the Princeton US-China Coalition is proud to announce our annual Global Governance Forum. Selected students will have the opportunity to participate in discussions led by prominent US-China academics, engage in fast-paced crisis simulations, and network with companies working at the forefront of the US-China interface. The conference will culminate in a capstone policy proposal project, where students will be presented with a theoretical case in US-China relations and challenged to present substantive recommendations in response to the issue. Featuring prominent academics and industry leaders, an intimate environment with students hailing from across the globe, and the resources of a world-class university, the Global Governance Forum offers a unique and unforgettable experience in the exploration of US-China policy.


Lecture Series

The Global Governance Forum will consist of a series of lectures and talks, delivered by both prominent Princeton faculty, and other distinguished scholars in the field of US-China relations. These talks will focus on a comparative examination of the political and legal institutions in China and the United States, and will cover a wide-ranging spectrum of both historic and contemporary issues.  Stay tuned as we roll out our speaker list over the coming weeks.


Policy Proposals

A cornerstone of the Global Governance Forum. Delegates will be assigned teams, and presented with a policy issue relevant to both the US and China. They will then be expected to formulate a comprehensive policy proposal and present it to a panel of academics and US-China scholars for critique.


Crisis Simulations  

Crisis simulations are loosely based on the simulations run by Princeton’s Center for International Security Studies. Delegates will each have the opportunity to represent the US and China during a simulation, where they will have to solve a major geopolitical crisis while representing the interests of their country to the best of their ability. The Global Governance Forum will also invite regional experts on the US and China, as well as faculty and academics to participate in the simulations as well.


Career Panel

PUCC will invite a number of prominent non-governmental organizations, non-profits, and companies working in the field of US-China relations to attend the Global Governance Forum. This will provide delegates in attendance with the chance to learn about the impact of extra-governmental organizations in maintaining the US-China relationship, as well as a valuable networking opportunity.