October 11, 2015


Hi everyone! PUCC is launching a new initiative to deliver updates on  PUCC-related events on campus, as well as a weekly digest of the latest happenings in US-China relations. We know that the demands of Princeton mean that you might not be able to keep up with current events in China as often as you would like to.  

To that end, we have handpicked a few succinct yet informative articles that we believe will provide you the most detailed picture of recent developments in US-China policy. We'd also love your feedback on how to better structure thenewsletter in the future. Enjoy! 


Weekly Digest

1. China’s answer to the TPP: Left outside of the TTP, China faces fresh pressure to fast track the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), a 16-nation Asia wide equivalent.

2. Military: Surprisingly, relations between the Chinese and American militaries have improved in recent years, manifested by increased reciprocal visits between key military leaders and joint military exercises.

3. Nobel Prize: Tu Youyou brings home China’s first Nobel Prize in the sciences with treatment for malaria using traditional Chinese medicine (Tu is an interesting character to look into).

5. Surprise: China arrests alleged cyber hackers FOR the US.

6. South China Sea: Heightened tensions between China/US over territorial waters. Another, more detailed article from the Financial Times can be found here.

7. Environment: Hard cap and trade policies set into motion in China as part of larger government campaign to address environmental concerns.

8. NYT Interview: Retired China army colonel on potential of US China conflict, good supplement to Tom Christiansen talk to those of you who went. Col. Liu Mingfu, author of The China Dream advocates for the need for China to overtake the current world order dominated by the U.S (read very antagonistic towards America).

Opportunities this Week

Research Assistant Position

Application Deadline: ASAP

Politics/WWS professor seeks an early Graduate Student or advanced Undergraduate Student RESEARCH ASSISTANT for a project on ChineseForeign Direct Investment in the United States. The research will involve collecting detailed information, mostly from media sources, about six instances of ChineseFDI in the US and tracing the political reactions triggered by the deals. The candidate needs to be well organized as the research is to be systematic. Knowledge of American politics is a plus.  We are interested in approximately 10 hours a week for 6-7 weeks (or the same number of hours spread out differently), with flexibility to pay for more hours should the work require them.  

Email CV to Professor Brandice Canes-Wrone at bcwrone@princeton.edu and to Dr. Sophie Meunier at smeunier@princeton.edu             More Info


Will Africa Feed China?

October 13, 2015 - 4:30pm

Is China building a new empire in rural Africa? Over the past decade, China's meteoric rise on the continent has raised a drumbeat of alarm.

Location:Woodrow Wilson School - Robertson Hall - Bowl 2

Audience:Open to the Public


Deborah Brautigam(link is external)

SAIS - Johns Hopkins University(link is external)

That's all for now! Stay tuned for next week's newsletter.

Andrew Li and Julia Ni 

PUCC Newsletter Editors