October 19, 2015

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Weekly Digest

1. US Debt: "For all the dire warnings over China’s retreat from U.S. government debt, there is one simple fact that is being overlooked: American demand is as robust as ever."


2. Economy: A state advisor provides some key advice for China, as the country moves to stabilize its slumping economy.


3. South China Sea: The island dispute escalates once again, as the United States attempts to reassert itself in the region.


4. Sputtering OutFor the first time in recent history, China's economic growth fell to below 7%, sparking new concerns over the future of the global economy. 


5. Billionaires: Yet despite a struggling economy, for the first time ever China reigns supreme in producing billionaires.


6. Who are they?: A colorful and immersive article that uses a variety of infographs to depict the rise of China's new consumer class.


7. Interview with Xi: Chinese Premier Xi Jinping conducts a written interview with Reuters prior to his visit to the United Kingdom. Major emphasis on economic ties. 


Opportunities this Week

The Consequences of Political Class Background (家庭出身) in the People's Republic of China


Donald Treiman, Distinguished Professor of Sociology Emeritus, UCLA
October 19, 2015
4:30 P.M.  •  Robertson Hall, Bowl 1

Do inherited family class designations ("red, "worker," "middle," and "bad") assigned at the beginning of the communist regime still matter in China? In important ways, yes.

Treiman is Distinguished Professor of Sociology Emeritus and Research Professor at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Faculty Associate of UCLA’s California Center for Population Research. He retired from teaching in July 2009 to focus on his research which centers on two main topics: the cross-national comparisons of social mobility and status attainment; and the determinants, dynamics, and consequences of internal migration in China, particularly for health outcomes and other aspects of well-being.  

More on Treiman here.

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