"China's Financial System" with Yaxin Duan

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving. Over break, we've been hard at work making preparations for our third table talk. This week's talk has a special emphasis on economics, especially with a board member on the Fed as our guest. Those of you with a knack for finance are particularly encouraged to attend!


"China's Financial System" with Yaxin Duan, a visiting professor who serves as an economist on the Federal Reserve Board. 


When: 6pm, this Wednesday December 2nd


Where: Mathey PDR


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Yaxin Duan's Bio:

"Yaxin Duan is a visiting professor at Princeton University, as well as an economics on the Federal Reserve Board. She has taught courses on Financial Markets and Theory, as well as Behavioral and Institutional Economics, at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Duan's research interests include Empirical Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, and Financial Institutions, and she has distinguished herself through her numerous publications in these fields. Dr. Duan graduated from The University of York with a B.Sc in economics, and from Yale University with a Ph.D in economics."

Learn more about Yaxin Duan at: https://sites.google.com/site/yaleyaxinduan/home 

Hope to see you all there!