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Dangerous Logic: China Policy in the Age of Trump

A dinner conversation with postdoctoral fellow Patricia Kim.

President Donald Trump's rhetoric on China during his electoral campaign and in the weeks leading up to his inauguration has raised concerns among many observers about the future direction of U.S. policy toward China. Trump has long promoted the narrative that China is cheating the United States on many fronts and must be dealt with assertively. He has proposed the United States impose tariffs on Chinese goods and has questioned supporting the "One China" policy until China "behaves." But will such measures work? And what kind of results can we expect from such policies? This lecture will address these questions by looking back to the recent history of U.S.-China relations to see how Beijing has responded to similar policies in the past.  It will examine previous attempts by American leaders to elicit cooperation from their Chinese counterparts, and discuss the elements of both failed and successful diplomatic efforts.